The War on Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection (also known as PDA for all of you cool kids out there) is something kinda controversial in today’s not so serious public disputes. If your clueless about what PDA is, it’s just showing  love to someone you love like a kiss or holding hands. People either love or hate public affection, I find it adorable as long as it doesn’t look like you trying to devour each others faces. But other people find your peck on the cheek disgusting and offensive to there way of life. (over reaction. I know but what do they not love about love) I still don’t understand what would possess someone to dislike this so I made a list of Pros 🙂 and cons :(.

Lets do this!

Pros- Obviously pros first because there are so many more of them

-Everything, but leave the face eating for at home

Cons-I’m thinking of everything trying to come up with a con

(Crickets chirp)

Okay this topic has been settled. What! ME, Biased, never. Why would you think such a thing. Well… maybe a little.

Seriously though what are your thoughts on,




Affection (dum dum dum)

Please tell me down in the comments.



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