YouTube (and the downward spiral that follows)

Let’s talk YouTube. I’m guessing your aware of the infamous website of vloggers, viral videos, and let’s plays. And you may have noticed how easy it is for one measly  BuzzFeed video to end up a marathon of Dan and Phil. In short these funny cat videos are addicting. Like super addicting.

First things first I am most assuredly NOT hating on YouTube. In fact I love the short three minute videos that can turn into hours of binge watching Markiplier. The videos are an easy escape from life, and can easily make you laugh as people yell obscenities at video game. It’s also wonderful to learn about people like you, who have the same hobbies or life story, they can even teach us to be brave using story’s about life, love and, despair.

Number two on my list, why are little kids watching Pewdiepie and Markiplier and all of these youtubers! Many of these videos on YouTube have explicit language, that children may repeat or copy. I’ve started to wonder if parents are aware of the things there kids are watching, then I start to wonder why are they on YouTube anyway?

Overall this thing has gone nowhere. Just a few days ago I couldn’t stop watching Katy Perry music videos for some reason.  Remember to YouTube responsibly, and try not to procrastinate by using this dangerously addictive site. But we all will probably fail.




Sorry about this but…image

Theres a pile of papers

in a binder over there,

I should write on them

with hopeful nonsense.

The blanket over me is warm,

this book is to good to put down,

just one more episode then I’ll be done.

I will start my math.

I will start my history.

I will do my science,

just let me,

read one more chapter,

finish this show,

take a nap.

Then I’ll start my nonsense.

I will start my homework.

The War on Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection (also known as PDA for all of you cool kids out there) is something kinda controversial in today’s not so serious public disputes. If your clueless about what PDA is, it’s just showing  love to someone you love like a kiss or holding hands. People either love or hate public affection, I find it adorable as long as it doesn’t look like you trying to devour each others faces. But other people find your peck on the cheek disgusting and offensive to there way of life. (over reaction. I know but what do they not love about love) I still don’t understand what would possess someone to dislike this so I made a list of Pros 🙂 and cons :(.

Lets do this!

Pros- Obviously pros first because there are so many more of them

-Everything, but leave the face eating for at home

Cons-I’m thinking of everything trying to come up with a con

(Crickets chirp)

Okay this topic has been settled. What! ME, Biased, never. Why would you think such a thing. Well… maybe a little.

Seriously though what are your thoughts on,




Affection (dum dum dum)

Please tell me down in the comments.


One Word Story

Okay people I need your help. I want to make a one word story. What is a one word story you ask? Well each person says one word then another tacks one on and so on. But to make this work I will need participation and a somewhat serious attitude. No throwing the word butt in there at any time unless it is needed. I will begin. The story will be in the comments

I hope you’ll help my endeavor


Calming doodles


What am I doing…

Lately I’ve been doodling this beautiful monstrosity. Drawing something like this is calming because you don’t have to be good at art to achieve this, you just have to be able to draw lines, and circles. I think people call it zentangle but I’m not sure if that’s the correct term.



An other great way to pass time is practice. That may sound boring but it really helps. You can practice coloring, anatomy, or redraw any of your o.c’s to see how you’ve improved. In these drawings  I was practicing character design and and color.

I’m quite proud of all of these drawings even though there just doodles. They show me how much I’ve improved and how I can get better.


I Finished Fangirl!

I finished the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell last night. The book has made me so happy! But I’m also sad that it’s over.

But anyways read Fangirl. If you have read it read it again. Now.


Fangirl (by Rainbow Rowell)


I’m currently reading the book Fangirl written by Rainbow Rowell,(which has to be the best name in the history of names) and I love it! I fangirl for Fangirl! Not only are the characters diverse and unlike anything I’ve ever seen, the plot is wonderful and true.

The book is about Cath, a freshman in college. Cath writes fanfiction for one of the most popular book series of the age, Simon Snow. As she works her way through college, Cath has many ups and downs and perhaps some love on the horizon.

I haven’t finished the book yet, so no spoilers please! But where I currently am in the story makes me want to rub the book against my face with happiness. I desperately urge you to read this book. And even if you don’t enjoy realistic fiction, I promise you will love this book. (Or just like it depending on who you are. But I don’t think you’ll hate it.)